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Coaching to support you in being well and doing well in performance and every-day life



Coach, Cook, Performing Artist

Hello, I am Anna. A musician, movement coach, cook and nature-enthusiast. Got Your Back brings together all of my work, with its deepest roots in the Alexander Technique. I also work with actor movement systems, musicianship, food, sustainability and our ecological relationship within landscapes. I work in performing-arts-conservatoire, HE, education, corporate and private settings, and welcome interest from clients in the conservation, sustainability and food sectors.

The Alexander Technique is a form of mindset coaching which includes the body. It has an evidence-based success rate for helping with musculoskeletal chronic pain, and is popular with elite performers (athletes and artists) with an interest in moving beyond performance plateaus or finding greater nuance, depth and freedom in their practice.

The AT is a gift that keeps on giving as it deepens over a life time. And it is also wonderfully simple. In a short time, you will have embodied a simple framework for understanding how to get out of the way of your potential for being well and excelling at what you love. 
I delight in how universally applicable the Alexander Technique is, and welcome clients big and small from all walks of life. 

Sessions are available in person and online and are a space for you to be seen, heard and supported, and equipped to have your own back.  

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I have cooked since I was five years old and I live my cooking every day. I have learned from watching the hands of my parents and grandparents, religiously watching Ready Steady Cook as a child, jobbing in bistro kitchens to fund my studies, feeding hungry musicians with the best Occitane produce in the south of France, and more recently working as a chef at Stedsans Farm and Restaurant hidden away in a Swedish forest, and Inver Restaurant and Rooms on the banks of Loch Fyne in Scotland's wild West. 
As both a cook and a movement coach I am interested in the well being of the whole human, including our food, our communities, and our ecological relationship within landscapes. I am a joyful, soulful cook with a flair for bringing people together for memorable gatherings. My food is simple, celebratory and vibrant, bringing together lovingly-sourced ingredients from my surroundings, including foraged elements wherever possible. I particularly love to cook outdoors, where you'll find me with a handful of edible plants picked along the way. 


"It’s like meditation, but embodied. Connecting with my back, my mind chatter fell away — like it just dissolved — and what was left was spacious and full of a sense of possibility.”

Private client, Neuroscientist, Consultant and Ballerina, navigating fibromyalgia and hyper-mobility



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