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Retreat in the Black Mountains

I am truly delighted to be able to share with you that together with my dear pal, collaborator and guru Tim Soar I will be holding a retreat this summer. It takes place during the year's natural hiatus of August, as we begin to turn from summer to Autumn. We have found a magical spot, nestled in the foothills of the Black Mountains: a beautiful eco-space that feels both generous and down-to-earth. You feel immediately as if you can just "be".

How food is grown, prepared and shared is very close to my heart. I am thrilled that we will have a fabulous cook to look after our bellies in a way emerges from a love and understanding of the landscape around us, and supports our time to rest, gather and learn.

Mealtimes can be a beautiful time to socialise. But at my “table” (here intentionally including the whole retreat space) it is important to know that this is always a space where those that long to be quiet and together are wholeheartedly invited to come and be their quieter way, too. I know I speak for us both in that. We wish for this to be a space that feels truly welcoming for all that long to draw alongside the kind company of others in exploring and being held by these practices and this landscape, as we attune to what we know deep within ourselves, and allow new inspiration and senses of direction with which to move toward the clearer and cloudier aspects of Autumn's activity and new beginnings.

It means the world to finally be able to offer support through the amazing language of the "Alexander hands”. We both feel so privileged to know and be in a position to share this unique and powerfully gentle language of touch. Spaces are limited so we can give meaningful time and space to every individual.

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